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What’s free at ACG: October 2021

Eric Pulsifer
Eric Pulsifer

Learn new cloud skills with free AWS training, free Microsoft Azure certification courses, and free content around Google Cloud (GCP), security, DevOps, Kubernetes, Linux, and beyond. (Did we mention it’s free?) Here’s what’s free this month at A Cloud Guru.

It’s October, which means we’re just 30 days away from scrambling to come up with a last-minute Halloween costume. (Pro tip: Do not wrap yourself inaluminum foil and call yourself a robot. Foil is far from flattering, and it doesn’t breathe at all. Trust me.)

More importantly, there’s a sweet handful of cloud-learning treats getting dropped in your candy bag courtesy of the A Cloud Guru crew. No tricking, it’s a treat of a lineup.

Don’t be afraid! Be secure. This month, we’re focusing on cybersecurity. Notable security-related courses in the lineup this month include:

Whatever your skill level, ACG has you covered with the essentials you need to master AWSAzureGCP, Linux, and beyond.

Ready to get started with ACG’s free cloud courses? Sign up for a free ACG account here (no credit card needed!), or get the full A Cloud Guru experience with a free 7-day trial.

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You can’t get experience without a job. But who’ll hire you without experience? Conundrum! Watch this free, on-demand webinar featuring a panel discussion on cloud career development and getting your first cloud job. 

Free Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training

AWS skills are among the top-paying salary careers in cloud. Whether you’re already on an AWS certification path or you’re looking to master some of the most in-demand AWS skills, these free courses can get you where you want to go.

  • AWS Security Essentials
    Prepare for a more security-minded architecture within AWS and get hands-on experience with various AWS services dealing with encryption, monitoring, and auditing.
  • AWS Essentials
    This no-AWS-experience-required course gives an in-depth introduction to all things AWS through real-world scenarios and hands-on activities.
  • EKS Basics
    Unlock the power of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

Free Microsoft Azure Training

Azure skills are in high demand, and the top-paying Microsoft Azure certifications can even give AWS certs a run for their money. Whether you’re working on your Azure certification path or just looking to pick up some basics, our free Azure courses have you covered.

  • Introduction to Azure Security
    Improve Azure security and discover best practices for protecting your Azure cloud workloads. Learn important concepts and security features in Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft Azure Security Essentials
    Gain high-level knowledge on some of the important capabilities when securing the Azure platform, including Azure security concepts, terminology, and architecture. We’ll also look at security as it relates to identity, compute, networking, and other Azure resources.
  • Azure Concepts
    Get up to speed on the basics of Azure and cloud services in this Azure concepts crash course.

Free Google Cloud (GCP) Training

Plotting your Google Cloud career path can be tricky. These free GCP courses offer something for beginners and practitioners alike.

  • Google Cloud Security Essentials
    Pick up the core fundamentals needed to properly secure your Google Cloud environment and manage who has access to what resources. The concepts introduced in this course are crucial for any security considerations on Google Cloud.
  • GKE Basics
    Learn about Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Free Linux Training

Post-COVID DevOps

WATCH: Post-COVID DevOps: Accelerating the Future
How has COVID affected — or even accelerated — DevOps best practices for engineering teams? Watch this free, on-demand panel discussion with DevOps leaders as we explore DevOps in a post-COVID world.

Free DevOps and Serverless Training

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the basics of DevOps and agile or the different serverless options between AWS, Azure, and GCP, A Cloud Guru can help you level up your DevOps game.

  • Kubernetes Security
    Get a deep dive into Kubernetes Security that guides you through the concepts and best practices of K8s security.
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
    Get a basic intro to Kubernetes. This course covers the basics of what containers are and what Kubernetes does. You’ll build your own Kubernetes cluster and use it to run containers. Completely new to Kubernetes? This course can get you ready to move on to more advanced Kubernetes courses, like the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).
  • Serverless Concepts
    Get a high-level overview of serverless, including the basic vocab and concepts.
  • Big Data Fundamentals
    Learn about Big Data, cluster computing, distributed storage, and cluster management.

Free Cloud Training for Beginners

ACG’s intro and conceptual courses are perfect for newcomers to cloud and tech or non-technical roles who want to have a better understanding of the tech that powers modern organizations.

  • Cloud Security Fundamentals
    This course will introduce you to many cloud concepts and how to secure those through the use of tools available.
  • Cloud Computing Foundations
    Our explain-it-like-I’m-five (but I’m a super-smart five-year-old interested in tech) intro to the basics of cloud computing breaks down the basics and decodes the jargon that can make cloud feel impenetrable. This new course replaces our Intro to Cloud Computing course on the free course roster. You’ll learn the difference between PaaS and SaaS faster than you can figure out how to pronounce “IaaS.”

Get the skills needed for a better career.

Master modern tech skills, get certified, and level up your career. Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, you can learn by doing and advance your career in cloud with ACG.


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