Launching and Updating a Website Using Cloud Run

By Joseph Lowery

Learn how to build and deploy a website app to Google Cloud Run.

2 hours
  • 10 Lessons
  • 5 Hands-On Labs

About the course

Hosting websites on cloud services is a very common and popular use of the technology, and it’s easy to see why. Cloud vendors, like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), bring rapid deployment, on-demand scaling, and zero down-time updates to website applications. In this short learn-by-doing course, you’ll move step-by-step from initially testing your website on GCP to creating a containerized image with Cloud Build, storing it in Container Registry, and deploying it to Cloud Run. Each lesson is paired with a lab to give you hands-on experience on the topics just covered. A final, all-inclusive hands-on lab is available in both Guided and Challenge mode that encompasses all the past training in a slightly more sophisticated scenario.

  • Chapter 1 10 Lessons Launching and Updating a Website Using Cloud Run 2:02:52

    Course Introduction


    Setting Up a Website App


    Viewing a Website on Google Cloud

    15:00 Hands-On Lab

    Working with Cloud Build


    Containerizing and Registering an App via Cloud Build

    15:00 Hands-On Lab

    Deploying to Cloud Run


    Deploying a Docker Image to Cloud Run

    15:00 Hands-On Lab

    Updating and Redeploying a Website


    Revising and Redeploying a Website to Cloud Run

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

    Go Live with Your Website on Cloud Run

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

What are Hands-on Labs

What's the difference between theoretical knowledge and real skills? Practical real-world experience. That's where Hands-on Labs come in! Hands-on Labs are guided, interactive experiences that help you learn and practice real-world scenarios in real cloud environments. Hands-on Labs are seamlessly integrated in courses, so you can learn by doing.

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