Introduction to Amazon Polly

By Jess Alvarez

Get up close and personal with the Amazon Polly service in this introduction course.

1 hour
  • 7 Lessons
  • 1 Course Quiz

About the course

Machine learning has evolved over the past few decades and has given us a lot of cool technology, like self-driving cars and facial recognition. The number of machine learning applications continues to grow into several resources, including Amazon Polly. Join me and my good friend Mick Rage on an epic journey into Amazon Polly. Watch as we uncover Polly’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) service, understand how to use it, and demonstrate its functionality in a real-world use case. Mick and I will be waiting for you in the first lesson of this Introduction to Amazon Polly course. See you there, Gurus!

  • Chapter 1 8 Lessons Introduction to Amazon Polly 44:00

    Introduction and Overview


    Amazon Polly 101


    Piecing Polly Together


    Understanding How to Use Polly


    Using Polly: Part 1


    Using Polly: Part 2


    Review and What’s Next


    Introduction to Amazon Polly Quiz

    15:00 Quiz

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