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A Cloud Guru

A Real Piece of Work

Good Company to Keep

Our name may sound a bit funny, but we believe people can seriously change their lives by learning new tech skills — and that learning doesn’t have to be boring.

Maybe it could even be fun. No kidding. It’s why we make engaging online training packed with personality and slick presentation for an experience more like firing up Netflix, less like a stuffy classroom. Our mission is to teach the world to cloud. 2 million down, 7 billion (give or take) to go.

Some People

Our Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce is our people — but not like in a Soylent Green way.

Who we work with is as important as what we do. That’s why we look for people good at their work and awesome to work with. You know them. The humble hand-raisers and high-fivers. The mega-doers, not micro-managers. (Finger-pointers and chest-beaters need not apply.)

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Our Culture

The ACG Magic

Work shouldn’t be a four-letter word or a source of Sunday night anxiety. That’s why we value our values.

They keep us honest and help us foster an awesome work environment. They’ve kept us from turning into a soulless “corporate process over people” company, even as we’ve grown from three people to offices on three continents. And they encourage and reward empathy, hunger, humility, and the general quality of “not being a jerk.”

champion the customer

Champion the customer

We connect with and truly care about our customers.

be thoughtful

Own our outcomes

We hold ourselves accountable, as individuals and teams.

learn all the things

Learn all the things

We bring insatiable curiosity to our roles every day.

be hungry

Be hungry, stay humble

We always bring our A-game, never our ego.

keep it fun

Keep it fun

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

ACG Employees

Perk Up

Life at ACG

Whether it’s day-to-day or once-in-a-lifetime events, we work to ensure our Gurus feel supported, healthy, and happy. Get a taste of the ACG experience in Austin, Keller, Twickenham, and Melbourne.

Remotely awesome

Get funds to level up your home office and internet, a weekly lunch allowance, free Headspace access, monthly snack boxes delivered to your door, and more.

Transparency you can see

Our CEO keeps us in the know with radically transparent and fun updates, ensuring we have clearly articulated goals and metrics — and a look at his latest LEGO build.

Expand your family

We offer generous gender-neutral paid parental leave above the required minimum in all our locations.

Level up, take off

Getting cloud certified helps us empathize with our learners’ experience. That's why we give Gurus who pick up a cert a day off on us.

Let’s stay together
(at a distance)

Get to know the Gurus with good times and get-togethers inspired by our values, virtual happy hours, lunchtime trivia, or a socially distanced drive-in movie.

Learn new things

We dedicate two hours a week (and $1,000 USD a year) to set aside regular work and invest in learning something new.

ACG Team

Awesome People Wanted​

Open Positions

Sales. Product Management. Paddle-boarding. The Office trivia. Cat-petting. Whatever you’re a guru of, be a guru with A Cloud Guru. Nervous about applying? Don’t be! If our mission, vision, and values speak to you, we want to speak to you too. College degrees aren’t required for any roles, and career gaps or switches are totally welcome.

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