Google Cloud Concepts

By Matthew Ulasien

Let's learn Google Cloud Platform for the absolute beginner!

1 hour
  • 11 Lessons

About the course

This course is for the absolute beginner to Google Cloud Platform. Have you ever wanted to know, in very simple terms, the answer to the following questions: What is the cloud? What is Google Cloud? What are Google Cloud’s core services? Why do we use Google Cloud? If you answered yes to any of these, then this course is for you. Our goal with this course is to provide a simple, conceptual introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Platform, and its core services. There are no technical explanations or definitions to memorize. This course is visual and strictly conceptual. When you are done with this course, you will have the conceptual foundation to move on to more advanced GCP courses. By getting frame-of-reference understanding from this course, you will be more prepared to tackle the more complex technical concepts and terminology.

  • Chapter 1 2 Lessons The Cloud and GCP 20:13

    Introduction to GCP and the Cloud


    An Important Note About A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy Courses

  • Chapter 2 7 Lessons Introduction to Core GCP Services 37:30

    Introduction to Compute Engine


    What is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?


    Databases on GCP


    The Power of the Cloud


    Introduction to Cloud Storage


    What are Managed Services?


    Putting the Pieces Together

  • Chapter 3 1 Lesson GCP Global Infrastructure 5:57

    GCP Global Physical Infrastructure

  • Chapter 4 1 Lesson Final Steps 2:35

    Next Steps


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