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GCP This Month: Google Cloud Next news, Cloud Storage security boost & RBAC via Google Groups

Episode description

Mattias Andersson covers the biggest Google Cloud news this month; Google Cloud Next registrations open, India gets a new region, and Cloud Storage security gets a boost with public access prevention. We also run down service updates for Cloud SQL, RBAC for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) through Google Groups, and it’s now possible to create your Anthos clusters on Microsoft Azure!

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Quick jump to the Google Cloud Platform news:Introduction (0:00)
Google Cloud region in Delhi NCR, India now open (0:33)
Registration open for Google Cloud Next ’21 (1:24)
Cloud Storage public access prevention (2:10)
Anthos Clusters on Azure (3:21)
Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service now GA (3:33)Predictive Autoscaling now GA and Application-consistent snapshots (3:55)
Cloud SQL for SQL Server now GA (4:12)
Cloud SQL for SQL Server gets preview support for cross-region replicas (4:23)
Cloud SQL for MySQL launches IAM database authentication (4:33)
GKE RBAC via Google Groups (4:48)
New Dataflow GPU dramatically speeds up some pipelines (5:02)
Ops Agent now GA, combines Logging and Monitoring/Metrics (5:34)
BigQuery not supports table snapshots (5:48)

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Series description

Welcome to GCP This Month! We've created this new show to let you all know about the awesome news, happenings, events and analysis on what Google is doing in the cloud space.In each episode, join our hosts Mattias Andersson and Tim Berry as they go through GCP quick bites to give you rapid-fire updates on various releases. We'll then move into the GCP Gems segment, and mention ACG's hand-picked releases from GCP, which are the releases we've found to be most interesting. We'll then finish up with any other notable news from Google or GCP. Finally, we'll end off with our GCP edition of Guru of the Month!

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