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Python 3.10 support for Azure Functions & our final episode!

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In Azure news this week, Wayne is back with our final episode of Azure This Week! Python 3.10 support for Azure Functions is now GA, and in preview for Azure Static Web Apps. There are some recent security enhancements for Azure Database Services, and public preview is available for Azure Communication Services Chat for Bot Framework.

This was our final episode of Azure This Week but we’ve got much more cloud goodness coming your way in the future, so subscribe to stay up to date, and keep being awesome Cloud Gurus!

0:38 Python 3.10 support
1:36 Security Enhancements for Azure Database Services
2:34 Azure Communication Services Chat Channel for Bot Framework

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Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

G'day Cloud Gurus. Welcome to Azure This  Week, I'm Wayne Hoggett and I'll be taking   you through what's new and interesting  in the world of Azure. In this episode,   we'll take a look at Python 3.10 support in  Azure Functions and Azure Static Web Apps.   We'll explore a couple of security enhancements  to Azure Database Services and the addition of the   Azure Communication Services Chat Channel for Bot  Framework. We also have an important announcement   regarding Azure This Week at the end of this  episode, so stay tuned for that. Let's jump in.  

Support for Python Version 3.10 is now  generally available for Azure Functions   and in public preview for Static Web  Apps. This means you can move your   Functions based backend to 3.10 now and  test your Azure Static Web Apps front end.   Python is one of the most popular languages in the  world, both in terms of how much it is currently   used and how many up and coming gurus are learning  it. And in the age of artificial intelligence,   there has never been a better time to learn  Python. So whether you're looking to take  

advantage of the better error messages in the  3.10 release, or merely looking to extend your   security updates for another few years,  now is the time to move to 3.10 for your   Azure Functions in production workloads and test  your Azure Static Web Apps with this release.   Just a reminder that Azure Functions  runtime version 3 reached end of life   in December last year, so you'll need to  use runtime version 4 with Python 3.10.   There have also been a couple of recent  security-related improvements to Azure   Database Services. The first of these is Azure  Active Directory Authentication for Postgres  

Flexible Server. To help you decide how you  should authenticate access to your resources,   I've developed a simple decision tree. It's  fairly straightforward. Using Active Directory   for authentication whenever possible is ideal  because it centralizes your identity, enables   additional controls, and it reduces the need to  store credentials. In other Azure Database news   for customers with the most stringent of security  requirements, Always Encrypted with Secure   Enclaves has been brought to more database SKUs by  removing their requirement to run on confidential   compute capable, DC-series hardware. And this  has been achieved using virtualization-based   enclaves. If these features interest you,  check out the links below for more details.  

Microsoft also recently announced that  Azure Communication Services Chat for   Bot Framework is now available in public preview.  If you're unfamiliar with the Azure Bot Service,   it allows you to create and run chatbots and  make them available through channels. And   channels allow you to make your bots available to  your customers or users in different webpages and   applications. Existing channels include things  like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook.   Azure Communication Services has been added to  that ever-growing list of channels. It's got rich   feature support for a range of Azure Bot Services  functionality. Check it out in the links below.  

Now, chatbots seem to be all the rage right now,  but we could never be replaced by AI, right?   Right? I mean, we do have one  advantage over chat. I mean,   we do have one advantage over conversational  AI and that is that we never make mistakes.   [inaudible] There really wasn't anything  in that [inaudible] availability   That wasn't very clear. [inaudible]  get started with I O T   [inaudible] [inaudible]   Don't expect the next [inaudible] updates  that will allow you to projects   [inaudible] global Azure storage outage  due to an start. [inaudible] Oh,   Well that was awkward. Anyway, that's all  we have time for this episode. [inaudible].  

Anyway, that's all we have time for in this  episode of Azure This Week and Cloud Gurus,   we're sad to say this is the last episode of Azure  This Week, but that's because we're making room   for more exciting new cloud content coming your  way in 2023. So make sure you subscribe to stay   up to date. As always, thanks for watching  and keep being awesome Cloud Gurus.

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