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Azure Certifications & Cloud Predictions for 2022

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Azure This Week is back for 2022! And Lars Klint is here to give you all the Azure news and his hot takes on what’s ahead for 2022. What can you expect for Azure certifications in the year ahead? At the current level of cloud maturity, what kind of things can we expect from Azure products and updates this year? And finally, if you’re thinking about starting your cloud career, it’s never been a better time. Lars gives you some tips for jumping in this year!

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Series description

Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

Ah, can you smell that? A brand new year  of Azure and cloud computing. Fantastic.   I'm Lars Klint, and this is the re-energized,  re-invigorated, re-scripted, re-formatted,   re-spected, but definitely not recycled, show  all about Azure. Now in this first episode   of the year, our fifth season, I'm going to  provide some predictions for Azure in 2022,   as well as a few tips on how to  get the most out of Azure as well.   Where's cloud going? What is happening to  certifications? And where do you start out   in the new year on your cloud journey? I'm  trying to answer all of that starting now. Quiz time. How many new Azure certifications were  released in 2021? Nope. Nope. Keep guessing. Nope.  

It was five. Yes five. AZ-305, 600, 700, 800 and  801, and DP-420. Is that right? Yeah, pretty sure.   Anyway, my point is that that was a lot, and they  were large exams too. And as a training company at   ACG, we endeavor to create the best courses for  each certification, but it's tough to keep up.   I digress. Anyway, in 2022 I expect we'll get a  couple of more niche certifications, just like   DP-420 for Cosmos DB. Perhaps a DP-410 for Log  Analytics? Hmm. The major certs such as AZ-104,  

204, 305 have already been revised several times.  So I don't think that'll happen again in 2022.   I would guess we get more certifications designed  for data scientists, and in the hybrids space.   With the introduction of AZ-800 and 801 Windows  Server hybrid exams, I reckon more niche topics   around Azure Active Directory, synchronization  of data and other hybrid areas will be looked at   too. Overall the changes and additions  for 2022 won't be as serious and heavy   as 2021, as the major topics in Azure  are covered. I'm sure Azure will throw   as a curveball somewhere though. What do  you think? Let me know in the comments.

Is 2022 the year of picking up cloud computing  knowledge, check out ACG’s free plan. It gives   you access to free courses and quizzes, plus  learning paths and original series content.   The entire month of January the full courses  Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop and   Introduction to Networking on Azure are  free as well as a bunch of other content.   And you don’t need a credit card to sign up.  I’ll include links in the description below. Cloud computing is not a new concept. Azure  was launched more than a decade ago and many  

services have come and gone in that time. Anyone  remember the web role and the worker role? Or the   Sharepoint VMs that you could provision? Whoever  used the...what? Oh. Or what about the blockchain   studio? Azure has gone through many iterations  to where it is today and that's key. Azure has   matured immensely as a cloud platform to the  point where millions of websites are hosted on it,   millions of applications use it every day, and  there are thousands of companies using it as well. Now, my point is with mentioning all of this,  that Azure isn't going to change radically   tomorrow. For 2022 I don't think we'll see a bunch  of new, amazing Azure services because developers,  

system administrators and businesses already  have most, if not all, of what they need.   Instead, existing services will mature, features  will be added, bugs will be fixed and reliability   will increase. Of course, Azure marketing needs  something to send out so you will still see the   glorious nuggets of spin. Who can forget classics  such as "The power of extracting and leveraging   data collected from space can transform entire  industries and create new paradigms."    However, the platform will change very little  and you can breathe easily knowing the buttons   and features will move around less. New  improvements of existing features and  

support for more third party integrations  will most likely be apart of 2022, too. Anything that can make you more productive,  and of course use more Azure services and   features, are on the cards as is many new versions  of VMs that are specialized in various areas,   such as: machine learning, data processing,  storage, 3D processing, and more. In other words,   don't expect the next Cosmos  DB or Azure SQL to come along,   but instead enjoy the many small improvements to  keep Azure current, stable and cost effective. With all that in mind, the maturity and the search  coming, how do you get either into cloud or get   the most out of it in 2022? The best time to get  started with cloud computing is always right now.   In the past, it has changed more often than it  will now. And there are now many more jobs and  

opportunities in Azure. The growth is immense  still, and the vast majorities of companies are   looking at either getting into cloud or expanding  their use of it. Throughout 2021 the team   here at ACG have been creating content to  help you on your cloud journey. Certification   guides for Azure and other cloud platforms,  series on which cloud role is best for you,   livestreams to answer your questions, office  hours for informal conversations on Discord,   and so much more. We genuinely want you to succeed  in the cloud using the learning tools that are   right for you. So, in 2022 we'll continue to  create content for you in a way that makes  

you a Guru too. And let me know what you  would like to see more of, and if there's   something specific that we can do to help you  on your journey. No more for this first episode   of the year. There's a lot to look forward to  including some different phases on this show,   and perhaps a new take on what weekly shows of  clouds could be. Let's see what we can come up   with. Hmm. Also check out some of the many other  free original series we have on the ACG platform,  

such as Cloud Provider Comparisons, certification  guides, and Programming Languages of the Cloud.   There's much learning to be done. I'll see you  in the cloud. Keep being awesome Cloud Gurus.

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