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AWS This Week: Easier NLP deployment in SageMaker JumpStart & new CloudFormation resource types

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Scott Pletcher is here with your weekly dose of AWS news and updates! This week, jump into machine learning faster with easier deployment of natural language processing (NLP) models from Hugging Face, in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. AWS announces 79 new CloudFormation resource types, and updates to Amazon Workspaces with YubiKey, WSP and Service Quota support.

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Added improvements for Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart (0:52)
79 new resource types for AWS CloudFormation (1:28)
Amazon Workspaces updates (2:17)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

Okay. Hello, cloud guru, Scott Pletcher back with some more AWS news goodness. Here in the Northern hemisphere, Summer is winding down and lots of people are sneaking away for some well-deserved downtime, including yours truly. We just returned from a little trip to Defcon in Las Vegas, special shout out to the cloud village for hosting some excellent talks and a really fun and challenging cloud-based capture the flag event. I can always count on Defcon to push my paranoia levels to new heights. And as we go to press the AWS news this week has been pretty light.

In among all the typical 'service X now offered in region Y' announcements and feature announcements, which really should have been part of the initial product release, I pulled together a few things that might be of interest. [Inaudible] A few weeks back I mentioned that SageMaker now has optimized containers for the popular natural language processing framework hugging face. This week AWS made it one click simple to deploy over 40 pre-trained hugging face models using SageMakerJumpstart. If you're new to machine learning, a pre-trained model is one that's ready to go as far as doing machine learning stuff. In the case of hugging face, it could be text summarization or translation.

Jumpstart is a great way to explore some use cases and maybe get some inspiration on how to put machine learning to work in your organization. Cloudformation sometimes takes a lot of flack for lagging behind in support of newly released services, but let's be honest, there's lots of stuff going on behind the scenes to enable all that infrastructure as code magic. Recently, the cloud formation team announced the delivery of another 79 new resource types, bringing the total resource count to 775 across 160 AWS services. Services like app runner, fraud detector, and route 53 resolver are among the new resource types as are third parties like Datadog, gremlin and FireEye. If you're still not seeing the resource you want, the cloud formation product team actively seeks input on what they should work on next, over on their cloud formation coverage roadmap on GitHub.

If you've been following this series for a while, you know that I'm a big fan of Amazon workspaces. With remote work now being seen as a perfectly legitimate option for many companies, it still has to provide system security and application management. And I think this is where it workspaces really shines allowing us to create nice walled gardens, to keep our employees safe and productive. In an effort to increase that security, even more windows workspaces now supports YubiKey, remotely, letting users authenticate into applications and websites with their own individual U2F security keys. As someone who uses their YubiKey anywhere I possibly can. The more YubiKey,

the better. Additionally, the workspaces web client now supports workspaces streaming protocol, which according to AWS offers better performance and less lag than the legacy PC over IP protocol. And you can now actually view and request workspace quota increases right through the service quota console rather than having to manually open a support ticket. Okay. That last thing kind of falls into the bucket of should have been part of the initial release, but at least we have it now and that my friends is all the AWS news that I can scrounge up this week. Oh, and happy birthday to EC2 15 years young and still spry as ever stay safe, take care of one another and keep being awesome cloud gurus.

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