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Accelerate cloud success with hands-on learning at scale. Upskill 10 or 10,000 with the most comprehensive and up-to-date learning library.

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Why upskill?

Build your cloud dream team and stop looking for Bigfoot

Cloud transformation takes skill — skilled talent.

But 63% of IT leaders say it’s harder to find qualified engineers than Bigfoot. 
Unlike mythical upright-walking primates, there’s no doubt the right talent exists. 
But how do you find it? You already have.

Source: Logicworks


of IT leaders say a lack of talent will stall cloud projects

Source: Logicworks


expected cost to recruit/hire a mid-career cloud engineer

2-6x ROI

Cloud training initiatives can have a return on investment of up to 2–6x

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Why ACG?

Build organization-wide cloud fluency

Get teams across your org speaking the same language and ahead of the cloud curve with the most effective, hands-on, and comprehensive platform for cloud learning at scale.


of business customers saw results in 6 months

Based on survey of 400 users of our services


of our learners report improved job performance

Based on survey of 400 users of our services

+2 million

people have learned cloud skills with ACG

accelerate for business

Accelerate cloud strategy

We integrate engaging content with hands-on learning-by-doing. Your people get real skills in real environments.

skills for business

Tap into multi-cloud learning

Develop the modern tech skills needed to support any multi-cloud initiative, from building fluency to strategic migrations.

keep pace for business

Keep pace with innovation

Technology keeps evolving. We’ve got your back with fresh content updated weekly around AWS, Azure, GCP, and beyond.

personalized for business

Deliver personalized learning at scale

Learning tailored for every stage and style. Give your teams the information they need, when they need it.

Continuous cloud learning

Your path to cloud nirvana

ACG for Business can navigate your team from here to the cloud with our fresh, hands-on approach to continuous learning at scale — and a boatload of tools built to teach your people better and faster.

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Take stock of where your teams are and map out where they need to go.



Build skills with the world’s most effective, hands-on, and comprehensive cloud skills development platform.



Experiment with new tech and tools in real-world environments at zero added cost or risk to your business.



Fast-track personalized learning organization-wide using sprint-based tools to motivate and analytics to measure ROI and justify spend.

Easy procurement

Be up and rolling in ACG for Business within 24 hours of signing.

Admin onboarding

Rely on our dedicated Customer Success Managers to get the most out of ACG.

Skills assessment

ID skill gaps across multiple competencies and know exactly where to start.

Career learning paths

Easily set a curriculum to accelerate your organization’s cloud skills development.

Courses, labs, and quizzes

Let your team loose in the largest library of hands-on cloud learning content on the planet.

Learn by doing

Get the proven advantage of hands-on experience and learn-by-doing, at scale.

Sprint-based study

Develop skills faster at scale with our Accelerator Programs and Study Groups.

Business reporting

Motivate progress and measure ROI across your organization. API integration available.


Stay ahead with our lineup of original series covering the latest in cloud.

Case Study

ACG Case Studies

See the case for cloud learning

We take Fortune 500 companies from zero to 1,000+ cloud-certified employees in less than a year. That’s proven performance you can count on.

Recent case studies

showpad case study example: a standout aws cloud success story


Companies of all sizes look to AWS for cloud solutions. How can they quickly upskill their talent to take advantage of AWS services and create

Learn by doing

Let your people get their hands cloudy

We make people active participants in learning, with hands-on learning tools seamlessly integrated with engaging content that put teams on the fast-track to cloud fluency.

Lars Klint

Hands-on Labs

Foster deeper understanding faster with objective-based scenarios that help learners develop new skills.

  • 2,200+ instantly deployed interactive experiences
  • Risk-free trial and error safe for corporate or home networks
  • Real, live environments for Linux, AWS, Azure, DevOps, and GCP
Cloud Playground

Cloud Playground

Real-world environments for real-world learning. It’s your team’s private playground for public cloud.

  • Real, safe AWS, Azure, and GCP practice environments
  • Customizable training servers for learning the hardware way
  • No surprise bills, no hassles for admins or IT, no risks for production

Comprehensive learning library

Get the skills to support any multi-cloud initiative

With hundreds of courses and thousands of labs, our comprehensive multi-cloud library gives your team room to roam and grow, getting their 
hands on new technology.

Whatever your team’s experience, our learning library has them covered — with courses ranging from “explain-it-like-I’m-five” intros to technical deep dives in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Linux, and more.

Amazon Web Services

ACG is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has trained 2 million on AWS.

Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft MVP-led team provides training perfect for beginners or advanced Azure users.

Google Cloud

Our training covers in-demand certs and deep dives into areas like Machine Learning and Kubernetes.


ACG offers 1,400+ hours of Linux learning, including certification training and how-to guides.

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Create a culture of cloud innovation

Scale up your cloud expertise

96% of our business customers saw improved results within six months. See ACG in action or get started now with self-checkout for under 45 seats.

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