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Without the right learning path in place, you risk losing time and money toward your investment. That’s why we created Learning Paths — custom virtual learning programs tailored to your team’s needs.

Custom learning experiences at scale

No matter your needs, there’s a path for that

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cloud learning. The skill levels on your teams range from novice to guru, so you need curriculums that are personalized to their needs while still scaling across the org.

That’s exactly what Custom Learning Paths solve. Here’s how they work:

We assess. You progress.

We understand: Some of your learners will need Cloud Learning 101 while others are already knee-deep in the nuances of machine learning.

With Custom Learning Paths, once you’ve assessed your team’s talent you can have individuals and teams progressing down the right custom learning path for them with a quick bit of clicking and dragging.

Not sure where your team’s skill level stands? Simply use A Cloud Guru’s Skills Assessment to see how your org’s skills stack up — and even see pre-made learning path recommendations for their needs while you’re at it.

Tackle career development goals

Congratulations! Your teams have started picking up cloud skills that are critical to your org’s objectives. What’s next?

Give your people Career Learning Paths. These 24 learning paths take users down six separate career areas — things like Security, DevOps, and Architecture — and they’ve been crafted by ACG’s in-house cloud experts.

Career Learning Paths go in-depth on every public cloud provider, keeping individual learners or entire orgs coming back to cloud learning long-term as you make cloud innovation a part of your company culture.

Customer success stories

From VPs to L&D, there’s something for everyone

Talk to the 2 million-plus people we’ve helped with cloud learning, and you’ll learn how your organization can use Custom Learning Paths successfully the same way they are:

Training and development

Custom Learning Paths make excellent additions to new hire onboarding programs or your company’s career development options.

Sales, Marketing, and Support

Take anyone from “I know nothing” to “I’m a guru,” and allow every department to speak the language of the customers they’re serving.

Mission-critical priorities

IT higher-ups now have a valuable resource at their fingertips for preparing upcoming projects and migrations.

Peace-of-mind protocols

As you add more cloud talent, add Custom Learning Paths to the list of requirements for access to environments for added peace of mind.

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