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Save valuable time and know where you stand with our Skills Assessment. Test your tech staff and understand the state of cloud skills within your organization. Quickly and easily.

Built for busy teams

You don't have the bandwidth to oversee elaborate learning programs

You’ve got so much on your plate already, but it’s not like you can just ignore skill development. Having the right talent with the right skills is critical to your success.

We get it. It’s why we’ve designed our platform to do a bunch of heavy lifting for you. And it starts with our Skills Assessment, giving you clear data to make informed learning decisions, rather than relying on instincts and assumptions.

How does it work, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Invite, assess, accelerate

Choose your platform, invite your team. It’s easy.

Take the first step toward cloud fluency by setting up an assessment for your teams.

Choose your platform

We offer competency analysis for both AWS and Azure

Invite your participants

You can add anyone you like (not just people with an A Cloud Guru license), as well as create groups to get more granular results by team or location.

Add emails individually or save time by uploading a CSV file.

There is no Step 3

We handle everything from sending out invites to conducting the assessments, calculating the results, and delivering insights you can use.

Tests adjust on the fly to accurately assess skills

Our Skills Assessment dynamically adjusts to each participant, dialing the difficulty up or down based on their performance.

The goal is to get an accurate read of cloud competency across your organization, not to terrify new learners or bore your cloud aces.

Cloud proficiency assessment disciplines

We test for comprehensive knowledge across select disciplines, giving you insight into overall cloud proficiency, as well strengths or gaps in specific disciplines.

  • Architect
  • SysOps
  • Security
  • Developer
  • Data

Turn assessment results into a roadmap

Discover where your organization stands at a glance and begin extending skills right away with ACG Learning Paths, or consult one of our cloud experts on the right learning strategy for your teams.

Skills Assessment use cases

How customers are using 
Skills Assessments

Understanding the current state of cloud skills within your organization is great, but it’s what you do with that understanding that really counts. Here are a few of the ways our customers are using Skills Assessments to position themselves for further cloud success.

Finding clarity

Gain critical insights into your current skills landscape, and use those insights to structure targeted learning plans for your teams.

Hiring intelligently

Identify skills gaps and create hiring plans to complement your existing talent, or validate skills when standing up a team.

Benchmarking ROI

We handle everything from sending out invites to conducting the assessments, calculating the results, and delivering insights you can use.

How can Skills Assessment help your business chart its course to cloud success?
We’re happy to chat.

Beyond assessments

Learning Paths

Discover how ACG Learning Paths can take the guesswork out of what to learn next, take your people from novice to guru in specific disciplines, and let you create custom learning tracks that exactly fit your business needs.

Talent Transformation

Talent Transformation

From the smallest, scrappiest startups to the largest enterprises, organizations around the world are using A Cloud Guru as a foundational solution in their talent transformation initiatives.

Case Study: Man Tech

Learn how ManTech partnered with ACG and used incentivized challenges to motivate its employees to learn new cloud skills

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