Hands-on learning for cloud talent

Hands-on learning you won't get anywhere else

When teams have cloud questions during development, progress slows down. But imagine if you could enable your teams to search, learn, do, and get back to taking on critical cloud challenges instantly each day. That's exactly what you get with Hands-on Labs from A Cloud Guru.

Put the industry’s best cloud learning tool in your team’s hands

Stop suffering through basic videos and tons of text. Hands-on Labs are changing how tech learning is delivered thanks to built-in options you won't find anywhere else.

2,200+ instantly-deployable labs. More than our top three competitors combined.

Real, risk-free live environments for AWS, Azure, GCP, Linux, and DevOps.

Critical, contextual learning for beginners through advanced cloud needs.

Get your hands cloudy

The self-paced cloud learning tool they’ll love

With Hands-on Labs, you’ll change how tech learning is delivered to your teams. Each lab puts learners in live environments that simulate real-world cloud challenges related to AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Linux and more.

Hands-on Labs are the tool that enables cloud learning on your time as well as just-in time. Here’s how:

“Hands-on Labs made it easy for us to play around and learn in a protected environment where no one had to be worried about breaking something in our app or incurring unintentional costs. – Frank Ashcraft, Director of Software Engineering, CloudChekr

Take on any cloud learning challenge

A Cloud Guru offers 2,200+ labs. Put in perspective, that’s more hands-on learning opportunities for your team than ACG’s next three competitors offer — combined.

These labs are way more than videos for novices. They get right to your needs: Our in-house team of cloud experts has designed beginner-to-advanced labs that simulate cloud environments IT teams ask about every day

Need to create a VPC in AWS? Brushing up on Azure Cloud Shell? Handling data in Google Cloud SQL? There’s a lab for that, and it’s available just in time, anytime. No more frantic forum searching or sandbox spinning-up required.

And because these are instantly-deployed interactive environments spun up by us, they’re risk-free and cost effective for your company.

Exclusive to ACG

Challenge Modes for learners

By default, each Hands-on Lab is preconfigured for the job your team has at hand and comes with guided, visual, step-by-step guidance.

On ACG, teams can also take labs further by entering challenge mode, which allows learners to apply and prove their skills. Apply your knowledge without video guidance in this mode, and A Cloud Guru will score you based on the objectives.

With multiple modes and the ability to access everything from introductory lessons to advanced tasks, Hands-on Labs provide on-demand answers for everyday workflows and practice your people can’t get anywhere else.

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ACG Cloud Playground vs. Hands-on Labs

Join one of our in-house gurus for a tour of two integral features that are integral to ACG and your team’s hands-on learning experience.

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Our Top 10 trending Hands-on Labs

With 2,200+ Hands-on Labs available, get a quick intro to our labs by browsing some of the top choices your teams can dive into.

Learn by Doing with ACG

ACG seamlessly integrates hands-on learning every step of the way on your cloud learning journey. Here’s why that matters.

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