Risk-free cloud sandbox environments

Costly training sandboxes? Not on this playground

Teams who use A Cloud Guru get access to Cloud Playground. These are secure, instantly-accessible AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud sandbox environments created anytime at no extra cost — something you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re confident Cloud Playground will change the way your company learns cloud.

Sweet, sweet cloud sandbox savings

Save time and money as you learn by doing

With Cloud Playground, the ACG platform takes care of spinning up secure sandbox environments with just a few clicks — all at no extra cost to you.

Think of all the ways this saves you time and money:

Save time provisioning training environments

No more waiting days, weeks, or even months pestering IT teams to provision enterprise-level test environments. Cloud Playground offers instant terminals, so learners don’t have to deal with internal firewalls or SSH issues.

Reduce ongoing maintenance costs

We take care of the cost of building, securing, and managing these temporary sandboxes for you, saving you a ton on non-production environments.

Remove the risk of accidental charges

The cloud sandboxes your learners use are automatically torn down and erased, so your days of accidental charges from environments left running are over.

A recent survey revealed Cloud Playground is saving ACG customers $526 a month on sandbox costs. That’s 89% of the price of a Business+ seat — and ROI you can take to the bank.

Here’s a quick comparison

Cloud Playground is ready and running with just a few clicks. When you compare that to the time and money you spend to set up sandboxes internally, the ROI adds up quick.

Sandbox software development people love

Here’s how ACG customers are using Cloud Playground today

Take the first step toward cloud fluency by setting up an assessment for your teams.

Fast, risk-free product innovation

When we asked active ACG users about Cloud Playgrounds, 71% were using them to follow along with cloud learning lessons — and 75% said they spin up sandboxes to test their innovative uses for cloud in unguided environments.

IT rites of passage

Up-and-coming cloud learners are assigned capstone projects from the IT team. Once they’ve proven themselves in a risk-free Cloud Playground, they’re brought on to projects in the company’s production environment.

Reduce firewall and SSH friction

Too often, learners are slowed down by IT requests for test environments. With Cloud Playground, these issues are disappearing overnight.


Your Cloud Playground FAQs answered

Cloud Playground is an option within the A Cloud Guru platform. Select AWS, GCP, or Azure as your sandbox, and the ACG platform provisions and takes you to a live terminal for it. No additional logins or accounts required.

Again, these are real environments created at no extra cost to our customers, not limited lessons built in a way that mimics these services. Learners can use these sandboxes to test their skills, apply the lessons they’re learning right away, and see real outcomes.

When learners are done, ACG automatically takes down and erases the provisioned environment, wiping anything users were playing with in the sandbox.

Overall, the Cloud Playground sandboxes are meant to provide your teams easy-access environments to work through training scenarios. Think of them as unguided experiences where you determine what services, tools, or resources you could use practice with. 

There are, however, limits to these that vary by service. In general, the limits are related to abuse detection — things like detected Bitcoin mining or DDoS for instance.

Other restrictions may apply as determined by AWS, Google, or Azure policies. If you are interested in Cloud Playground and have any specific questions about these, feel free to contact our support team anytime. Our gurus are always happy to help!

In designing Cloud Playground, ACG made sure additional accounts or usernames were not required to spin up these live AWS, GCP, or Azure sandboxes, and the environments are automatically shut down and wiped when learners are done training in them.
Absolutely! Feel free to take a look at our introductory Cloud Playground blog post or see Cloud Playground in action in this pre-recorded webinar. You can also request a custom demo anytime to learn how Cloud Playground can change the way your teams learn cloud.

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