ACG Accelerator Program

Get there faster with our accelerated cloud enablement program

Lift your teams to a common level of cloud knowledge with our proven, scalable change management program. The A Cloud Guru Accelerator Program uses a repeatable, sprint-based approach to build core cloud skills quickly and predictably.

Digital transformation learning

Scale your digital transformation learning

“Learn cloud” is a big, messy goal for an individual, much less an organization. You can’t just buy everyone training licenses, turn them loose, and expect a culture of learning and innovation to just poof into existence. That’s not how it works.

At A Cloud Guru, we’ve seen what makes transformations succeed, and we’ve used that experience to build our Accelerator Program — a scalable change management process for lifting employees, teams, and entire organizations to a common level of cloud knowledge quickly and predictably.

Cloud enablement solutions

Free your Cloud Center of Excellence

Your organization has deep cloud knowledge — in certain pockets. That carried you through moving your first workloads, but as cloud initiatives grow, your trailblazers in the Cloud Center of Excellence get bogged down explaining and handholding. They can even become the bottleneck, slowed by a mountain of support tickets only they can address.

Break this bottleneck with the ACG Accelerator Program. With a broader base of cloud know-how, your people start asking better questions and having more productive conversations. Support ticket volumes decrease, freeing your Cloud Center of Excellence to pave the way to cloud and set your organization up for success.

Cloud platform accelerator programs

Effective learning without excessive admin burdens

Getting up and running with your own Accelerator Program is a breeze.

Just select your learning group, select the course you want to cover, and that’s it. Your teams will be sent through a multi-week sprint, complete with weekly reminders of what to watch, do, and read to stay on track.

Time-boxed process

The Accelerator Program only runs for 4-10 weeks, so it’s easier to plan around and stick with.

Bite-sized learning

Navigating an entire course can be a lot. Breaking it up into a few lessons each week makes it easier to stay on track with a busy schedule.

Grounded in human motivation

Participants see their progress toward a goal, and at the end of the program have the knowledge they need to pursue a cloud certification.

Shared accountability

Program progress is visible to all participants, providing a further incentive to stay on track.

Build core cloud skills in AWS, Azure, and GCP

Use Accelerator Programs to lift your organization’s cloud knowledge broadly and create critical momentum for ongoing learning and specialization. To facilitate broad knowledge acceleration, select the course and platform which best fits your organization’s tech stack and goals.

Create a foundation for cloud fluency

The benefits of cloud knowledge don’t end with your cloud team. Employees and teams that aren’t actively building in the cloud could still ask better questions and make more informed decisions after learning key cloud concepts in one of our Accelerator Programs anchored around foundational courses.

Accelerator Program in action

Your accelerated cloud talent solution

Use our Accelerator Program to rapidly lift your entire organization to a common level of cloud knowledge, or kick off a cloud migration of talent transformation. Roll it into your onboarding process for new hires and recent grads. Use it to retain and attract talent.

Need inspiration? Learn how our customers are successfully using Accelerator Programs to scale their cloud learning initiatives, strengthen company culture, and build momentum for talent transformation.

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