Your cloud innovation partner

Create a culture of cloud innovation

Empower teams to unleash the cloud’s full potential with A Cloud Guru’s upskilling and reskilling training and our powerful, hands-on learning platform.

Transform your enterprise team

Technology alone won’t transform your business

Successful transformations are driven by people. With cloud providing every business of every size access to the same technologies, it’s your people’s creativity and innovative thinking that gives you a competitive edge.

A Cloud Guru is the cloud innovation partner for enterprises. Our enterprise training solutions put everything you need to transform your talent and align IT in one place, so you can unleash the cloud’s full potential.

Chart an accelerated path to success at every stage of cloud maturity. ACG embeds continuous learning into your engineering workflows to help your teams build faster, better, and cheaper in the cloud.

Assess and plan

Chart your course to cloud success

Whether you’re migrating first workloads, scaling an enterprise cloud transformation, or disrupting business models, we’ll map the best plan to get there. Assess skills across your organization, build tailored learning plans for individuals and teams, and accelerate your course to cloud success through continuous cloud learning.

Create a skills development strategy for your teams by assessing baselines and identifying critical gaps across your organization.
Transform your talent with Custom Learning Paths that give individuals and teams the right guidance for specific projects and roles.

Easily track cloud success and learning ROI across your organization with skill analytics.

Learn by doing

Build faster, better, and cheaper in the cloud

Deliver solutions faster with just-in-time learning that lets your teams spend less time researching and more time building. Empower your workforce to continually learn by doing with Hands-on Labs that simulate real scenarios – so they can build faster, better, and cheaper in the cloud.

Accelerate technical projects (and make fewer mistakes) with bite-sized learning embedded into engineering workflows.

Build better solutions with Hands-on Labs that enable teams to learn and hone the exact skills they need for a project.
Test new procedures in real environments, and reduce cloud bills and risk to your production environments with Cloud Playground.

Accelerate innovation

Unleash the cloud’s full potential

Your people are the key to unlocking the cloud’s potential. Turn them loose to explore and test the possibilities of disruptive technologies in risk-free practice environments — unleashing a flow of new skills, creativity, and ideas across your enterprise.

Test new technologies and game out new ideas in real environments at zero risk to your business with Cloud Playground.
Lift entire teams to a higher level of cloud knowledge with our Accelerator Program to enable better conversations and more productive decisions.
Stay ahead of rapid change with ACG’s Original Series, a weekly round-up covering the latest in cloud.

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Challenge Mode Labs

Leveraging ACG to Level Up Learners

Get a hands-on tour of our Skills Assessment tool, learn how to set up your own assessment, and understand how to take your teams from novice to guru with our Learning Paths.

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Ensuring your employees have up-to-date skills is critical for tech-savvy organizations. But how do you take the pain out of training? See how ManTech used incentivized challenges to earn 312 certs in 100 days.

Capital One Case Study

How does a leader in cloud adoption like Capital One stay ahead of the competition and on the cutting edge? By creating a culture of continuous cloud learning and innovation.

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