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Learn Linux: the OS behind much of modern tech

Level up your skills with Linux training with more than 1,400 hours of Linux learning goodness, including certification training, deep dives, and how-to guides. Whether you’re just starting to waddle or you’re a full-fledged emperor penguin, our vast library of Linux training know-how is here to help you get skilled up and hands-on with the Linux abilities at the heart of modern tech.

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Going for your LPIC-1, -2, or -3? Looking to get Red Hat certified? Pursuing a SUSE cert? We’ve got courses for most major Linux certifications, and many of the more niche ones, as well.

Getting started with Linux Training

Where you start depends on where you’re coming from. For Linux hatchlings, we recommend one of our more accessible intro courses. If you already live that Linux life, check out our deep dives into different aspects of Linux, open source tools, and DevOps.

Linux practically powers the cloud. That’s why A Cloud Guru offers a variety of hands-on training for Linux as part of the world’s largest hands-on library for cloud learning. Prepare for certifications, like the CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Certification Exam or LPI Linux Essentials Certification. Learn about Database Administration and SQL Language Basics, how to unleash the power of Apache Kafka, and more.
A Cloud Guru makes it easy to start on your Linux training path, wherever it might take you. Start off with fundamentals, like an overview of Linux basics, database essentials, an in-depth intro to Python development, or CompTIA’s cloud essentials. From there, look at skills like the basics of Bash scripting or YAML, take a Splunk deep dive, or learn about Kubernetes security. When you’re ready to get certified, A Cloud Guru offers a range of Linux certs, including CompTIA CySA+, Docker Certified Associate (DCA), and Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200) – RHCSA.
A Cloud Guru’s beginner-level Linux training courses require little more than an interest in the subject matter and an internet connection. Even if you’re new to tech, our fundamental-level courses will help you build up the basics and work toward unlocking next-level tech skills.
There are plenty of reasons to learn Linux. For one, it’s the largest open-source project in the world, which means it pops up in all kinds of places. Linux powers Android, which dominates the global smartphone market. Linux also basically powers the cloud (which pretty much powers everything else these days). Learning Linux is a bit like learning how to do everything in this digital, mobile, online world.
Get Linux training free with A Cloud Guru. Check out this month’s free courses or start a free trial now to dig into our full catalog of Linux, Google Cloud (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) training. You can also view our current promos to get Linux training at a discount.
NASA uses Linux, and SpaceX uses Linux. Basically, Linux could put you on a career path where you get to go into space without being a billionaire. Looking for something more grounded? Systems administrators, developers, programmers, DevOps engineers, and more all use Linux. Linux skills are in hot demand and can land you a six-figure salary.

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Whether it’s you or an entire team, A Cloud Guru’s learn-by-doing approach helps people develop tech skills faster and better.

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