Learn by Doing

Learn by doing with ACG

Humans learn better by doing

We learn faster. And we learn deeper. In fact, 85% of our learners say they retain more by doing.

Why ACG?

A hands-on approach to develop real skills

Binging Bob Ross painting videos won’t make you a master painter. (Trust us. We tried.)

The best way to learn a thing is by doing the thing. That’s why our learning library is loaded with innovative hands-on technology. Our unique, experiential approach lets people safely experiment, make happy little accidents, and develop skills faster. Only with ACG.

  • BrushOur users rate interactive hands-on labs, content quality, and instructor teaching style as the top 3 aspects of the platform.
For Individuals

For Individuals

Gain real-world experience in real environments. ACG gives 
you safe spaces to sharpen your skills, code along, or just play around with new tech — all without fear of breaking things or surprise bills.

For Business

For Business

Get no-risk, hands-on training that’s easy to scale. Whether you’re upskilling a team or an entire organization, we put real tech in your peoples’ hands to fast-track your transformation.


This will teach ’em

You play with cloud, you’re going to get learned

We make people active participants in learning.

Hands-on learning integrates with engaging content to put learners on the fast-track to cloud fluency. Our exclusive, immersive experience improves retention and works with all learning styles.

Cloud Playground

Cloud Playground

Level up skills in real environments for real results with a sweet suite of multi-cloud tools. Cloud Playground is your private playground for public cloud. And it’s only at ACG.

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Hands-on Labs

Give yourself a hand. Objective-based, practical scenarios range from 15-minute labs (for picking up new skills just in time) to deep dives on building a whole application.

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Get your hands cloudy

Cloud Playground

The universe may be a simulation, but Cloud Playground is 100% real. It makes it easy and safe to learn by doing (and by breaking things) on our servers, not yours.

Cloud Playground

Cloud Sandboxes

Dig into live AWS, Azure, and GCP environments. No surprise bills for resources left running, no access or scaling hassles for admins or IT, and no risks for production.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Take real servers for a virtual spin. Peruse our configurations or try something new. Spin up a bunch of tiny servers or build a RAM-heavy beast.

Instant Terminal

Instant Terminals

Launch an in-browser terminal and swing into any instance on any provider. No extensions, downloads, or Port 22 access needed.

Hands-On Labs

Hands down the best

Hands-on Labs

You’ll never know until you try. We make it easy to get hands-on to hone skills with 1,800+ Hands-on Labs.

No white lab coat required: our instantly deployed, browser-based labs are based on practical scenarios that put skills into play.

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Practice what we teach

Labs supplement the curriculum, so people can work things out while learning. They’re also ideal for standalone consumption to pick up skills every guru should know.

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A lab a minute

Pick from meaty deep dives and snack-sized how-tos, including playful projects that teach essential skills (like a machine learning–powered angry-ferret detector).

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We’ve got you

Get real-time, risk-free trial and error that’s safe for use on corporate or home networks. No risks to systems. No unexpected costs. No downloads or setup.

Get your hands cloudy

Learn by doing

95% of ACG learners say our tools and content directly helped their careers. Whether it’s you or your entire company, ACG’s exclusive learn-by-doing approach helps people develop tech skills faster and retain more.

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