Working with LXD Containers

15 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

LXD, or the Linux Container Daemon, lets us leverage the resource-lite LXC virtualization method, as well as providing additional support for the container images we use to spin up our containers. In this lab, we’ll be creating a test LAMP stack by setting up two containers: one for our website and one for a database.
Note the lab has been updated with a more recent alpine/edge image as alpine/3.10 is no longer available.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Review Provided Dev Environment
  1. See if any existing servers have been created:

    lxc list
  2. Remove any unrelated to the LAMP stack:

    lxc stop prometheus-test
    lxc delete prometheus-test
Launch the web01 Containers

Create the web01 container:

lxc launch alpine web01
Configure the web01 Container
  1. Upload the container:

    lxc exec web01 -- apk update
  2. Install nginx:

    lxc exec web01 -- apk add nginx
  3. Start and enable nginx:

    lxc exec web01 -- sh -c "rc-service nginx start && rc-update add nginx default"
Configure Container Boot Settings

Set the boot.autostart.priority for both containers:

lxc config set web01 boot.autostart.priority 50
lxc config set db01 boot.autostart.priority 90

Additional Resources

As part of your team's goal of lifting-and-shifting some legacy applications off of virtual machines and on to containers, you need a working LAMP stack configured. Review the provided development environment, then create a server: web01. Ensure all containers are up-to-date, then install nginx on web01 and start and enable the service.

Finally, ensure the db01 server is set to start before web01 in the event of a reboot.

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