View CloudWatch Data for Amazon DocumentDB

45 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, you will view CloudWatch metrics for Amazon DocumentDB. After completing this lab, you will have hands-on experience viewing Amazon DocumentDB metrics and identifying database activity in them.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

View CloudWatch Metrics

View the current CloudWatch metrics to establish a baseline of performance. Pay special attention to the insert operation counter: OpcountersInsert (Count).

Load the Data

Using the mongoimport tool, load the data in the inventory.csv file into a new collection on the DocumentDB cluster.

Identify the Activity Spike in Metrics

View the CloudWatch metrics again, this time looking for a spike in activity that corresponds with the data load.

Additional Resources

You are working as a database administrator (DBA) and have been tasked with ensuring that metrics are being correctly logged from the DocumentDB cluster.

To accomplish this, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • View CloudWatch metrics.
  • Load the data.
  • Identify activity spike in metrics.

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