SUSE Certified Engineer - Managing Systems with Salt

45 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this hands-on lab, you’ll be working with Salt to query and manage systems remotely. You’ll be setting up the Salt server and a Salt client, including configuring access through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) methods.

You’ll then query and get information from the Salt client about various items available on the system, software packages, users, and the state and status of services on the client.

You’ll then use the Salt commands to add and remove users and packages, install and remove applications, and better understand the Salt States by setting a user addition and a package installation through the use of Salt states and the highstate.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Set Up Salt Server and Client
  • Set up and configure the Salt server.
  • Set up and configure the Salt client.
  • Configure and verify PKI between the server and client.
  • View PKI information, and test server and client communication.
Query and Manage Salt Client System Info and Packages
  • Query client information via Salt grains.
  • Query packages and users on the client.
  • Install, configure, and get status for service on the client.
  • Remove service on the client, and confirm removal.
Using Salt States to Apply Changes to Clients
  • Create a Salt state to add a user.
  • Apply the state manually, and remove the user.
  • Create a Salt state to add a service.
  • Set up a highstate to auto-apply all states.

Additional Resources

In this lab, you're a mid-level systems operator who has been tasked with getting a better understanding of the Salt system management suite, so that your team can possibly use Salt in the future to better manage your systems and enforce a given running state on those systems.

You'll be installing the Salt server on Server1 and the Salt client on Server2, in order to get the Salt configuration working and the Salt client registered and able to be managed by the Salt server.

You'll also work to get a fundamental understanding of what Salt queries you can do on the Salt clients and how to make configuration changes on the Salt client, either via the Salt command line or through Salt states. You'll learn enough just in this lab to have a working knowledge of Salt and how to apply configurations through Salt states, including the highstate.

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