Reconfiguring a LXD Server

15 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Throughout the lifetime of a LXD server, we will undoubtedly come across moments when our current configuration is no longer working for us. Luckily, LXD provides a number of options for updating our LXD configuration with only a few commands. In this hand-on lab, we’ll make some adjustments to the provided LXD server to ensure it suits our needs.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Set the HTTPS Address

To set the HTTPS address so our server is available over the network, we can use:

lxc config set core.https_address
Set 24-Hour Image Updates

Enable auto-updates:

lxc config set images.auto_update_cached true

Then set them to run every 24 hours:

lxc config set images.auto_update_interval 24
Set the Compression Algorithm

Change the compression algorithm for images to bzip2:

lxc config set images.compression_algorithm bzip2

We can check our work with:

lxc config show

Additional Resources

You have been working with an isolated private development server on a number of LXD containers and application builds. However, you're going to need to push some of these containers and images to a collective remote soon. You need to reconfigure some aspects of your LXD server so it can work with the greater development environment.

Ensure the provided LXD server meets the following requirements:

  • The server is set up to work via the network by setting its HTTPS address
  • Auto updates for images are turned on and set to check every 24 hours
  • The compression algorithm for images is bzip2

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