Reading Data from Cloud Bigtable with Cloud Functions

1.75 hours
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Cloud Bigtable can store petabytes of data — and Cloud Functions can access any of that data, parse it, and send it on to another service. In this hands-on lab, you’ll first create a Bigtable instance as well as a table and populate it with test data. Then you’ll build an HTTP-triggered Cloud Function to read specific elements of that data and output it for verification.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Enable APIs

Enable the APIs necessary for creating a Cloud Function.

Create and Prepare the Cloud Bigtable Instance

Create a Cloud Bigtable instance and then connect to it in the Cloud Shell so that you can create a test table and populate it with sample data.

Retrieve the Working Files

Clone a Github repository to access the source files for the Cloud Function.

Create and Test the Cloud Function

Create, deploy, and test a Cloud Function, triggered by HTTP, to read and output selected data from Cloud Bigtable.

Additional Resources

In this scenario, your team is tracking the hold status of a set of objects in a particular Cloud Storage bucket and wants to be notified if the status changes. You decide to set up a Cloud Function that will write an entry to the log when triggered by a change to the metadata that outputs the current hold status.


Working Files Repository

Test Table Code

   cbt createtable test-table "families=stats_summary:maxversions=2,stats_detail:maxversions=2,cell_plan:maxversions=2"

Populate Table Code

   cbt set test-table phone#4c410523#20190501 stats_summary:connected_cell=1 stats_summary:connected_wifi=1 stats_summary:os_build=PQ2A.190405.003 cell_plan:data_plan_01gb=true cell_plan:data_plan_05gb=true
    cbt set test-table phone#4c410523#20190502 stats_summary:connected_cell=1 stats_summary:connected_wifi=1 stats_summary:os_build=PQ2A.190405.004 cell_plan:data_plan_05gb=true
    cbt set test-table phone#4c410523#20190505 stats_summary:connected_cell=0 stats_summary:connected_wifi=1 stats_summary:os_build=PQ2A.190406.000
    cbt set test-table phone#5c10102#20190501 stats_summary:connected_cell=1 stats_summary:connected_wifi=1 stats_summary:os_build=PQ2A.190401.002 cell_plan:data_plan_10gb=true
    cbt set test-table tablet#5c10102#20190502 stats_summary:connected_cell=1 stats_summary:connected_wifi=0 stats_summary:os_build=PQ2A.190406.000 cell_plan:data_plan_10gb=true

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