Querying Data in Amazon S3 with Amazon Athena

1 hour
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Welcome to this hands-on AWS lab, where we’ll query data stored in Amazon S3 with SQL queries in Amazon Athena. Let’s get started!

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a Table from S3 Bucket Metadata
  1. Navigate to Amazon Athena.
  2. Configure settings to send query results to the S3 bucket.
  3. Create a table from the S3 bucket data using the following values:
    • Database: aws_service_logs
    • Table Name: cf_access_optimized
    • Location of Input Data Set: s3://<S3_BUCKET_NAME>/
    • Data Format: Parquet
      1. Bulk add columns using this data:
        time timestamp, location string, bytes bigint, requestip string, method string, host string, uri string, status int, referrer string, useragent string, querystring string, cookie string, resulttype string, requestid string, hostheader string, requestprotocol string, requestbytes bigint, timetaken double, xforwardedfor string, sslprotocol string, sslcipher string, responseresulttype string, httpversion string
  4. Create the following partitions:
    • Column Name: year
    • Column Name: month
    • Column Name: day
  5. Click Create table.
Add Partition Metadata
  1. Open a new query tab.

  2. Run the following query:

    MSCK REPAIR TABLE aws_service_logs.cf_access_optimized
  3. Observe that the row count equals 207535 with the following query:

    SELECT count(*) AS rowcount FROM aws_service_logs.cf_access_optimized
  4. Verify the partitions were created with the following query:

    SELECT * FROM aws_service_logs.cf_access_optimized order by time desc LIMIT 10
Query the Total Bytes Served in a Date Range
  1. Observe the bytes column from the following query:

    SELECT * FROM aws_service_logs.cf_access_optimized WHERE time BETWEEN TIMESTAMP '2018-11-02' AND TIMESTAMP '2018-11-03'
  2. Run the following query:

      SELECT SUM(bytes) AS total_bytes
      FROM aws_service_logs.cf_access_optimized
      WHERE time BETWEEN TIMESTAMP '2018-11-02' AND TIMESTAMP '2018-11-03'
    1. Observe the value for total_bytes equals 87310409.

Additional Resources

In this lab, you'll be analyzing these optimized CloudFront access logs using Amazon Athena. Athena is an interactive query service that can help you analyze data for various AWS services, including CloudFront.

CloudFront raw access logs are stored in a CSV format, called Web Distribution Log File Format.

More information about Apache Parquet can be found here.

More information about Glue and partitioning data can be found here here.

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