Managing Resource Usage in Kubernetes

30 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Kubernetes offers a variety of features that can help you control how resources are allocated in your cluster. This lab will allow you to build your experience with some of these features by solving problems that might arise in a real-world cluster.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Configure Resource Requests for a Deployment

There is a Deployment called royal-jelly in the hive Namespace.

Add resource requests to this Deployment’s containers. The container should request 128Mi memory and 250m CPU.

Configure Resource Limits for a Deployment

Add resource limits to the Deployment called royal-jelly in the hive Namespace.

For the containers in this Deployment, the limits should be 256Mi for memory and 500m for CPU.

Create a ResourceQuota for a Namespace

Use a quota to limit the resources that can be used in the hive Namespace.

The quota should allow total resource requests in the Namespace up to 1Gi for memory and 1 CPU.

For resource limits, the quota should allow up to 2Gi for memory and 2 CPU.

Note: The ResourceQuota admission controller is already enabled in the environment. You do not need to enable it.

Additional Resources

Welcome to HiveCorp, a software design company that is totally not run by bees!

We have been expanding our usage of Kubernetes. However, as our applications have grown more complex, we have run into issues with the availability of compute resources. It is time to build a more sophisticated way of planning for and controlling resource usage in our cluster!

You will need to set up resource requests and limits for a Deployment in the cluster. Once that is done, set up a quota to limit the amount of resources that can be consumed in the hive Namespace.

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