Managing an Azure SQL Database

45 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, we run through a range of common activities needed to properly configure an Azure SQL Database. These tasks are common steps and will help students prepare for Microsoft Certification Labs as well as build comfort in day-to-day operations.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Configure SQL DB and SQL Server

In this first step, we need to create a SQL Database instance in the West US region with Basic 5D and 2GB. Enable sample data for later steps in the lab. Next, open up the firewall and add the client IP address.

Configure Security

Review TDE to ensure that it’s enabled. Then enable auditing at the SQL Server level. Configure auditing with storage and log analytics. Finally, we need to enable a default Dynamic Data Mask in the Sales LT database, Customer table, Phone column.

Update for Performance

Create geo-replication in the Central US region. To do this, we need to create an additional SQL Server in the Central US region.

Configure a Backup Policy

Configure a backup policy in SQL Server that will inlcude weekly backups held for two years and monthly backups held for seven years. Notice that the backup save will fail at this point. In order to complete this step, we need to increase the Central and West US databases from Basic to Standard D10. Once we complete that, we can finish the backup policy task.

Additional Resources


Microsoft has changed the focus of their exams to include hands-on labs. In this lab, we review common tasks that students will frequently encounter when taking exams or in the data engineering field.

The following tasks are part of this lab:

  • Configure
    • Configure SQL Server and SQL Database
    • Open the firewall
  • Security
    • Enable TDE
    • Enable auditing
    • Dynamic data masking
  • Performance
    • Create geo-replication
  • Backup
    • Configure weekly, monthly, and yearly backups


  • Log in to the live environment with the provided Azure Labs credentials.
  • Configure
    • Provision a SQL Database and SQL Server
      • (US) West US location
      • Basic 5D and 2GB
      • Use existing SAMPLE data
    • Open firewall and add client IP address
    • Security
    • Enable transparent data encryption
    • Enable auditing at a SQL Server level
      • Configure storage
      • Configure log analytics
    • Configure dynamic data masking
      • Add a default mask to the Sales LT schema, Customer table, Phone column
  • Performance
    • Create geo-replication
    • Configure geo-replication in Central US
    • Create additional SQL Server in Central US
  • Backup
    • Configure backup policy at SQL Server
      • Weekly backups held for two years
      • Monthly backups held for seven years

For detailed instructions on how to complete these tasks, expand each learning objective below or click the Guide tab above the video player.

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