A Walk Through of Core Azure Services

30 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

This lab will allow you to explore the Azure portal and take a look at some of the entries in the Azure Active Directory. The Azure portal is the command center, information portal, and organizational hub for all your Azure resources.

When you begin learning to administer Azure, you will spend the majority of your time creating and managing services here.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Open and view the Virtual Machines blade.

To begin, let’s select Virtual Machines from the navigation list. We are taken to the Virtual machines page. Right now, it is empty, but we can add a virtual machine by selecting Create virtual machine or Add.

Once we’re done taking a look, let’s move on to our next section.

Open and view the Storage Accounts blade.

Navigate to the Storage accounts page. If we use the Search bar, we will be given two options. Storage accounts (Classic) and Storage accounts. We want to use Storage accounts. There are currently no storage accounts available, but we are able to see what the page looks like, and can select either Add or Create storage account to see what it would be like to create a new storage account.

Open and view the Virtual Networks blade.

Next, head over to Virtual Networks using either the navigation bar or the Search bar. It is very empty here, but once again, we can select Add or Create virtual network to see what we would have to do to create a network. Note: We don’t create a VM in this lab.

Open and view the Azure Active Directory blade (Will show No Access)

The last item we will go to is the Azure Active Directory. Navigate to it using our preferred method, though it looks like we can’t get into it. We get an "Access denied" message, due to our lack of permissions. This is an example of how we can make sure that even with multiple people in our portal, we can allow or deny access to our Active Directory.

Additional Resources

Once the activity begins, you will be provided credentials to connect to the Azure Portal. Simply click on the button under the credentials in order to open a browser window and provide the credentials from this activity.

You will then be able to explore (read only) the Active Directory, Virtual Machine, Virtual Network and Storage blades (services) so you can better visualize the concepts talked about in this course and their Azure implementation.

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