212 - Secure Shell and SSH Key Exchange

2 hours
  • 7 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

This lab will allow us to practice using SSH keys.

You will create local keys and exchange them with another server. You will also explore how to generate SSH keys for two factor authentication.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create local public and private SSH keys

Using the appropriate command, create an ssh key.

Exchange the keys with a remote system using SSH-COPY-ID

Using the second server that has been supplied, exchange the users ssh key with the other server.

Exchange the keys using the manual method for our exam objectives

Using a manual process, exchange the ssh keys.

Explore the ‘authorized_keys’ file

Examine the authorized_keys file.

Login using the SSH key to a remote host

Login to the remote system to test the key exchange.

Generate SSH keys for two factor authentication

Using the appropriate command generate a key for use with two factor authentication.

Learn how to use SSH-AGENT to bind your key to a bash shell

Use ‘SSH-AGENT’ to bind your key to a bash shell.

Additional Resources

Please view the guide for information on how to complete this activity.<p> NOTE: The Hands-On Lab video's mention the LPI Certificate Level 2 Exam 2, but this Lab can be taken as a Stand-Alone Lab.

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