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Build your GCP skills with our ever-expanding, constantly-updated library of Google Cloud certification training and courses. Whether you’re just finding your footing, prepping for a GCP certification, or looking to go deep into specialty google cloud training topics, we’ve got you covered. Our GCP courses get you hands-on with the technology to build knowledge faster and improve retention, and our engaging instructors make it easy to stay motivated and keep moving.

Get Google Cloud certified

A Google Cloud certification can act as a power-up for your resume, helping you get your foot in the door to a cloud career or take the next step from your current role.

Getting started with Google Cloud Training

Start with super-accessible intro courses for newcomers, prep for certifications, then expand into the latest Google Cloud Platform services and technologies with our deep dive courses.

A Cloud Guru offers hands-on Google Cloud Platform, GGP, training covering top-paying cloud certifications and in-demand GCP skills. Get an in-depth beginner-level intro to Google Cloud essentials, take a deep dive into GKE, explore IaC on GCP with Deployment Manager, become a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer ACE, and more. With hands-on labs, Google Cloud sandboxes, practice exams, and support from like-minded GCP learners via our community forums and Discord server, ACG can help you become a GCP VIP.

If you’re new to the cloud, your path to GCP certification begins with the foundational-level Cloud Digital Leader certification, which requires no tech experience. If you have some cloud experience, you can start with the Associate Cloud Engineer to pick up the basics of GCP.

Then explore skills that align with your career goals. Interested in AI? Take a deep dive into Google Cloud AI services. Want to strengthen your security chops? Study up on the essentials of Google Cloud security. As your skills grow, take aim at one of the professional-level GCP certifications, like the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer or the popular Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.

There are no requirements to start Google Cloud training with A Cloud Guru beyond an internet connection and a device that connects to the internet. (If you’re reading this, you’re ready to go!) From there, we offer multiple courses to help get you up to speed even if you have little tech know-how. Skim over the highlights in our overview of Google Cloud concepts for absolute beginners or start slow but get more in-depth with Google Cloud essentials.

GCP certification exams aren’t easy. But A Cloud Guru can help you get certified — and advance your career in Google Cloud. Google Cloud is growing. And so is the demand for talent with GCP skills. How much so? The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect has been named the top-paying cloud certification for years in a row, pulling in an average salary of $175,000 USD.

Get Google Cloud training free with A Cloud Guru. Check out this month’s free courses or start a free trial now to dig into our full catalog of GCP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Linux training. You can also view our current promos to get GCP training at a discount.

GCP training with A Cloud Guru can help you pick up a variety of sought-after cloud skills with hands-on learning. Unlock the power of DevSecOps. Become an API engineer. Develop the skills to be a professional cloud architect.

Stay fresh with the latest GCP goodness

GCP is growing fast and adding new features and services all the time. Our dedicated cloud experts are here to help you keep pace with the latest and greatest from Google Cloud Platform.

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Whether it’s you or an entire team, A Cloud Guru’s learn-by-doing approach helps people develop tech skills faster and better.

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