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What is a kubernetes context?

I didn’t understand exactly what is a context in the kubernetes cluster. What are they used for?


If you are connecting to multiple clusters it’s how you switch between them, for example I use powershell to connect to a google k8 cluster and also have docker for desktop, If I right click the docker for desktop icon I can see the contexts and switch between clusters. I suppose you could say the context is the combination of user and environment I am currently working in.

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OK. So technically speaking a context isn’t part of the cluster. As raoconnor suggests, it’s a kubectl client setting that tells kubectl which cluster to send commands to. For example, you might have a test/dev cluster and a separate prod cluster. Two clusters would be two contexts. If you have your kubectl context set to dev/test, all kubectl commands will be issued to the dev/test cluster. If you want to start working on the prod cluster, you switch contexts and kubectl will start sending commands to the prod cluster. HTH. Nigel

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