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LB should use Nodeport Port(30203) or Normal Port(8080)

in Demo, the LB is having external IP of and port 8080:30203/TCP. My understanding was that from the internet we should provide the node port something like since this is the first entry point to GCP cluster and then it, in turn, will point to Node in . I am confused since port 8080 was used from internet and not 30203

1 Answers

The IP address is not part of Kubernetes cluster; it is the IP address of the Cloud Provider Load Balancer. A service of type LoadBalancer also creates a corresponding NodePort. So port 8080 on the provider’s Load Balancer will map to port 30203 on each node to reach the service. You can also access the service using Node’s IP address on port 30203, but if you want to go through the load balancer, you have to use port 8080. For the most part, you would want to use cloud provider load balancer because the node IP addresses may not be public or not reachable from the outside. I hope this helps.

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