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K8 Pod support

Does K8 Pod support Windows 2016 Server Apps

1 Answers

Windows Server 2016 is the first Windows Server with Docker (container) support.

With Windows Server 2019 came official support for Kubernetes; but again, there are limitations.

It may be theoretically possible to run Pods on Windows Server 2016(container+). The only thing is that a lot of problems are to be expected here.

Kubernetes is more than just containers. In particular, networking has been greatly enhanced from Windows Server 2016 to 2019 to become Kubernetes compatible/ready.

Still, many network plugins do not support Windows 2019 itself. Also, a Windows Kubernetes node requires a Linux control plane for control.


Kubernets Pods are "normal" processes. There is no virtualisation. The containerized application must be able to run on the node. So if you want to run a windows server app, you need a windows server node.

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