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I believe there are small typos in gke-volpod.yml

It should be like this :
https://gist.github.com/cgonul/03d8477ed32f5d4d8e0b15b04ac5b4ee The indentations are not correct and mountpath should be mountPath.
The video version is true by the way. The code from GitHub is problematic.

1 Answers

Hello Caglar,

Thank you very much for sharing.  I appreciate you taking the time to both highlight it and offer a solution.

I have ticketed this and one of the TEs will check the details and make adjustments.

I hope that we will see more of you on the Forum




Maciej Zak

Were about stating about the same issue 🙂 wasn’t first with the fixes :(.

Maciej Zak

BTW code still has this issues a Year after it got identified :(.

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