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How to add nodes to cluster, see no option in docker-for-mac?

The demo show trainer using 3 nodes. He has those already setup, so steps cant be really replicated on test environment using minikube or docker-for-mac. For using Cloud providers, do we have any other lesson/course which we must go through?

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Hi jkumar.  I tried hard to do the demos on as many different platforms as possible (Minikube, Docker Desktop, GKE, AKS, AWS kubeadm cluster, PWK…). This was an attempt to make the course accessible to as many people as possible.  

Anyway…. which demo are you referring to?  

Unfortunately you can’t have multiple nodes in a minikube or Docker Desktop cluster, so some demos won’t work on those platforms. 

Also, demos showing integrations with cloud load-balancers only work if you’re on those clouds. There’s nothing I can really do about that – sorry.

Hopefully you understand that you can’t do everything on minikube or Docker Desktop – they’re only designed as simple dev environments.

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