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gitops: version control kubernetes deployments

Should one be managing deployments in version control? and if an approved change happens in version control (e.g. merged to master branch) then the system runs kubctl apply -f against the changed deployments.

In the session, it is done manually and after the fact, isn’t it better to automate from the start and get used to gitops style of operations?

something related best practices for storing kubernetes configuration in source control

it would be nice if you can include that in future updates of the course, how to operate K8s cluster/applications efficiently?

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For being a "Deep Dive" the course does omit quite a bit. For gitops, one of key things to keep in mind is keeping the app and configuration repos separate, like https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/37dEz1igq1oGbm80e1HPSfKvH4macg4r0Ft21wH56tCJ7bClqgBm_kpD6NtNWlRs3V-gShPJbbIeeg5Ml07s8mZJ-xiXDwLWCpOU4AufXyPXfyCt-Hj98za68p41Q-jc0Yqk9usd

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