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Getting Deployments – 0/3 images available or ready – (GCP)

I’m using GCP. I was following along through the demo, I used my own image name to match my docker repo, and in the web-deploy.yml file I changed the image name to match my docker repository where I successfully pushed my image before. I’m at minute 8:22 in the video and everything up until this point has worked just fine for me. But when I try to put a watch on the images, it gives me this output: 


simple-web   0/3          3                     0                      2m2s

simple-web   0/3          3                     0                      10m

And I’ve been looking at this output for the last 10 minutes. I’m sure that I’ve done something wrong here. I have a couple ideas on what it could be: 

  • When I changed the image name in the web-deploy.yml file, maybe I needed to change something else as well? 

  • The image that I pushed from the course files is outdated (There were some scripts on the output from building the image file that indicated certain aspects of the configuration were deprecated (core-js@2.6.11) 

  • (Also, not sure if this one is relevant or not) When I list my docker images, I only have 2 that show up (the one that I named, and the centos one)

Any ideas on what’s wrong here?


try using the Google Container Registry to story the docker images … its mentioned a number of times that docker desktop referes to docker hub, might be the GCP does it differently refer to this > https://cloud.google.com/kubernetes-engine/docs/tutorials/hello-app


Thanks for the pointer @Wmahmood, that was exactly what I needed to get it working on GCP! 🙂

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