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Deploying Legacy .Net App using Kubernetes

I have been searching tonnes of articles to find an answer for this.

I have a .net app with framework 4.5 ( which doesnt support configuration builder extension) with SQL server as back end. Now I create a Docker Image of the App and the docker image of my sql. The App has the connection string to sql server in web.config. Now when I dockerize and deploy these two images using Kubernetes, how does the SQL server container IP come and sit into web.config of my app container? 

Am I making sense?

1 Answers

Hey sasankj,

You can just create a service in front of your SQL server pod ( not container as written in your question), and use the service name as the hostname in your web.config, it should get resolved by k8s dns. You can relate it to docker-compose, where containers can access each other by service name.

Try it out an let us know the result.

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