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Course Review/Remarks of Kubernetes Deep Dive

Can you please put some review about this course from ACloudGuru.
1. How is it?
2. How are the practical labs and if there are enough UseCases to use of Kubernetes.
3. Does this course cover all the area of Kubernetes?

Looking forward to have deep dive review of Kubernetes Deep Dive course. 😀

Thanks and Regards,

Suresh Chode

preparing this course is enough to pass CKA (certified kubernetes admisnistrator)?

3 Answers

I think it’s a fantastic course.  I teach Kubernetes in the U.S. and I think this course is a great overview.  Nigel is very engaging and makes what can be some of the drier, more convoluted topics (like storage) interesting.  There aren’t labs so much as working examples but they’re very good.  I don’t think it’s possible to cover all areas of Kubernetes; it’s massive and growing all the time.  But the class gives you a very solid foundation in the core objects and functions and that’s what is critical.


Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Roycki

+1 to John L’s comment.

Adding my own penny’s worth…

I think I say in the intro to the course, that a deep dive into everything Kubernetes does would be a 3-month course. Kubernetes is vast, and it’s still growing. What I’ve aimed to do is cover all of the following in decent depth:

  • Core technologies that you’ll use a lot

  • Stable technologies that won’t drastically change and you can run in production

As the ToC states. The above boils down to cluster theory, masters, nodes, networking, storage, security, scaling, deployments etc. And when I say "decent depth" it’s my best effort to get into the detail without sending you to sleep 😀

Hope you enjoy the course!

This course is one step ahead than Basic Kubernetes. 

Also I found this course is side tracked in terms of delivery, practice, first container launch than typical courses available on acloud.guru. 

This might be useful for people who have working knowledge of Kubernetes. With every component introduction like Network, storage there should be some tasks for students. 

Even the first container he launched has all the configurations from github project which he just explained. He didn’t share the steps on how each component need to be deployed. On contrary first the basic container should have deployed and then each component like storage, load balancer should have added slowly.

This is more of theoretical course. 

We need prequel for this course than direct Deep dive. Nigel might be Kubernetes Guru but we are not even at the basic level so need to give some code sample with basic things.

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