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Combining my PV and PVC: Storageclass.storage.k8s.io”ssd” not found (Using GCP)

I have created my PV and that seemed to work fine (although I’m not sure where I would be able to see it in GCP). I was able to get the details in the shell. When I tried to create my PVC, I had no trouble with that either, the only problem is that it seems that I’m missing the SSD storage class in my Kubernetes storage class window in the storage section. At least, I think that’s my only problem. 

Right now I’m thinking that if I use the YAML file from the demo: sc.yml, and create a similar one that has the storage class of SSD it might work. Any other suggestions?

1 Answers

Hi Celeste, A little more information would help. Are you running this in GKE, or did you manually deploy onto GCP nodes? If you’re in GKE you need to create a storage class definition with the type ‘pd-ssd’ and instantiate it, then have your PVC reference that class name.  If you manually deployed a cluster with local SSD storage you will need to create a local storage class pointing at that local storage.  Those tend to be slightly unreliable for dynamically created PVs so you’ll want to test.

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