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User account provided for the lab gets deleted after 10-15 minutes

I attempted to complete my first lab, but after 10-15 mins in case of both attempts the user account provided was deleted in the background. I used the incognito window in Chrome as suggested and I also had been actively working in the session itself, so it wasn’t sitting idle. "This account was recently deleted and may be recoverable. Click Next to attempt to restore this account." Of course the restore fails. Has anyone encountered the same issue recently?

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Hi there,

Can you try the lab again but change the Cloud SQL instance type to db-n1-standard-1? I think Google may have changed their default type to a much larger size that breaks the hands-on-lab environment.

Hope this helps!

Peter Motyovszki

Sure, I’ll try it again.

Peter Motyovszki

Apparently, Google moved away from this type of resource categorization scheme, so the selection of the configuration is a bit different from now on. You may look into this and update the Lab guide accordingly. I went with Lightweight / 1 vCPU, 3.75 GB, and I was able to complete the lab this time.

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