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Resource Section – Where is it ?

Hi, I can’t find the resource section. When I collapse the navigation section for cloud spanner, it shows 6 resources, when I click it, it opens up but I cant see any resources section. If possible please allow to post a screenshot or share screenshot of how to navigate to the resource section.

1 Answers

Hi Yazar

It sounds like you’re on the right rack. On the Cloud Spanner video lecture, if you click Resources in the left-hand navigation pane, you should see a Resources section with the following links:

Download Transcript
Cloud Spanner Documentation
CAP Theorem
Distributed database quorums
Regional best practices
Multi-regional best practices
ANSI SQL best practices

The first one is a download link for a transcript text file of the lesson. The rest are links to external resources (google documentation etc.) that should open in a new tab or window. If those links aren’t working for you, please email so the team can take a closer look.


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