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Resource folder is empty under path

Bharat Malgave

same is for Java and Python

2 Answers

Hi Bharat

Google seem to have re-organized all of their repos. You can now find the required snippets at:

Hope this helps!

Bharat Malgave

[email protected]:~/gen_thumbnail (playground-s-11-422c8be1)$ gcloud functions deploy gen_thumbnail –runtime puthon37 –trigger-topic newImage ERROR: (gcloud.functions.deploy) ResponseError: status=[400], code=[Ok], message=[The request has errors Problems: runtime: Invalid runtime. ]

Bharat Malgave

getting above error

Try this

git clone

pytnon /home/cloud_user_p_ce03ef8d/python-pubsub/samples/snippets/ playground-xxxx create LabTopic

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