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Error 403: The client is not authorized to make this request notAuthorized

Hello guys, I followed all the lab steps.

I am getting the error below in the step of setup the proxy:

errors parsing config:

googleapi: Error 403: The client is not authorized to make this request., notAuthorized

I got this error after running the command to connect in mysql instance.

(./cloud_sql_proxy -instances=nameofproject:us-central1:forumdb=tcp:3306 -credential_file=./nameofproject-ec35c16ff2c9.json &)

Any clue how to fix this?


2 Answers

Hi Emerson

Is this the service account that is created at around 3:30 in the lab video?

Does the service account have the Cloud SQL Client role?

Hi guys, 

I have also a similar problem:

googleapi: Error 403: Cloud SQL Admin API has not been used in project 262152608128 before or it is disable

d. Enable it by visiting

2152608128 then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our syst

ems and retry., accessNotConfigured

I run the command:

./cloud_sql_proxy -instances=playground-s-11-b33087:us-central1:forumdb=tcp:3306

-credential_file=./playground-s-11-b33087-0e24270107d7.json &



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