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Does the playback speed at 1x seems to fast? And on 0.8x too slow?

It looks to me that the playback speed of the videos is rather unusual. At 1x it seems to fast and at 0.8x kind of slow.

Michael Roach

Speed is fine. However, I prefer speed at 1.3x

3 Answers

Hi Kiril,

This is awesome feedback thank you so much. I have raised the issue and we will look at addressing the speed of these videos for you.

How are you finding the course preview so far?

The speed is okay with me. I don’t see it as fast or as slow. Thanks.Just a comment. 🙂

There is a bug I know of with our video player that sometimes after you’ve watched a video at a higher speed, new videos will open showing x1, but be playing at the original speed from the other video, like x1.3 or x1.5. Clicking through the speed indicator to reset it back to x1 sometimes can fix that. We’re aware of that, and looking to resolve it, but something to be aware of in the meantime

Kiril Aleksovski

Thanks, it looks better now 🙂

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