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Data Fusion/Dataprep/Data Catalog in the exam

Has anyone had Data Fusion/Dataprep/Data Catalog in the exam.

 I do not see this topics in curriculum, but they are in official exam guide?

J Carpenter

Does anyone know if this has now been added to the exam? Data catalog is mentioned in the official prep guide but nothing on fusion

1 Answers

Hi Szyman!

At the moment, only Dataprep is included in the official exam guide. I mention Dataprep briefly in the Operationalizing chapter, but there will also be an update to the course coming soon including a mini-chapter on Dataprep.

Data Fusion and Data Catalog are not in the official exam guide at the moment. They’re still quite new but I suspect they will make their way into the exam at the next update, potentially later in 2020. I will make sure to reflect this in the course when the time comes 🙂

Szymon Chojnacki

Sorry for the confusion. It is indeed not in exam guide. I just watched video about changes to Google’s DE path in coursera: where they mention these tools. But it is not in exam guide yet. Best

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