Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Which GCP Certification is best?

Hello Everyone, I am looking to GCP certification and I am confused about which certification is best as a beginner point. I have found Google Cloud Certified (Apigee, Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist) which is to improve the abilities of the professionals to better apply knowledge and proficiency in problem-solving and handling cloud computing services. So Can anyone suggest me is this right certificate or suggest me some new certification as a beginner point?

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Customer wins have also helped raise the profile of the Google Cloud – Spotify announced that they were working with the Google Cloud Platform team to provide platform infrastructure. To scale with its huge volume of content, Spotify made numerous software architecture design changes to take full advantage of GCP. This includes replacing Apache Kafka with Cloud Pub/Sub for its more reliable persistent queue and moving from batch processing to streaming with Dataflow to improve the end-to-end latency. As well, Apple announced that it would be using the Google Cloud to provide some infrastructure services for iCloud and other cloud-based services, in addition to continuing to use AWS.

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Hello Adi,  

Based on the certifications you mentioned, it seems like you are focused on mobile development and API gateways.  Even though there are certifications that are focused on your career path areas, I would recommend beginning with Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification, aka the ACE.

 There is a good deal of foundational knowledge that will help you in your journey through the other certifications.   It will also help you understand which GCP services could work best to solve your business use case.

Hope this helps and wish you the best on your journey,



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