Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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where are policy bindings stored in GCP?

I’m trying to get a better picture if they’re a separate entity or if they’re attached to the resource, internally?

Also, it looks like they’re only accessible through gcloud and not console?

2 Answers

It looks like I found the answer.  In the console, they’re in the Info Panel of the compute instance.  They can be retrieved using gcloud also but I was interested in seeing where they are.  This tells me that they’re bound to the compute instance directly – maybe stored in a global table someplace but definitely retrievable through VM Instances.

If you are referring to the Billing Account related bindings (topic of this lecture), they can be created and accessed/edited via the console. you need to login using your admin account and go to the Billing Acct, where you can grant access to users/groups.

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