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What do you think “Identifying resource locations in a network for availability” refers to?

The ACE Exam Guide mentions that we should be proficient in "Identifying resource locations in a network for availability". Does anyone have a good sense of what this refers to?

Resources in groups behind a load balancer are more highly available than those which are single points of failure?

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Good on you for digging into this! 👍

There are two types of location I think could be meant, here: logical location in the network (i.e. subnets, load balancers, and what not) and physical location in the world.  The logical location can also be helpful for things like setting security boundaries, but I think the physical location also matters a lot to availability.  In particular, you would want to spread your resources across at least multiple (availability) zones and–as you’ve suggested–load balance across them to get rid of the single points of failure.

Basically, I would choose to read this line as "Identifying (physical) resource locations for availability and also (logically) networking them for availability."

I hope this helps!


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