Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Videos does not match the Google Cloud Console options

Looks like these videos are out of sync with the current Google Cloud Console. Most of the options are different from what’s being shown in the training videos.


agreed. this course needs to be updated

Ashish Barot

yes, course is very old recorded

Ashish Barot

Now Google Cloud Platform is updated

Ashish Barot

Mattis could you please update the new videos? we are lagging in our day to day leraning.

5 Answers

I agree! How I took this course was to understand the basics and get the concepts right. Then used Labs to validate and understand the current options available on Google Cloud Console. TBH…Google Keeps on adding new features and updates the existing ones. It is hard to get the videos updated frequently. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific – I am preparing for my certification which is due next week. Will be glad to share if you need any inputs. Thanks!


Yea that’s the way even i am learning too. Thanks Lokesh. My certification is due in 2 weeks from now.

Lokesh Vij

All the best Arun!!!


good luck!

Ashish Barot

Lokesh ji, as a new beginner on GCP platform, I am confused while learning via these video tutorials. So it is responsibility of Instructor to update each video time to time.

Ashish Barot

I hope you can understand my situation, while learning new stuff by spending valuable time each day. Thank you.

Hopefully they will update this soon!

I have raised a support request for this and got a response that, an audit is currently being conducted on the course. I am hopeful that we shall start getting updates soon. Thanks!

I was trying to correlate the LAB instruction to make a file public… 05:45 in the video, instead of selecting the entity type as ‘group’ and typing ‘allUsers’, I found the new entity equivalent is called ‘Public; in the drop down.  That will automatically set the name to allUsers.

Jeffrey Camareno

You’re right! Thanks

Besides Google revamping the console UI, it appears some features have been stripped and/or updated. For instance, while renaming a file, I noticed the gsutil command feature present in the course video is no longer available.

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