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use my personal domain name for GCP Org in the GCP Resource Hierarchy?

Dear All

This may be a dumb question but I’m busy learning GCP and for the GCP Resource Hierarchy of – Organisation / Folder / Project can I assign my personal public registered domain name as the ‘Organisation’ in the hierarchy?  

I understand now that I can use my personal public domain name within a project using Cloud DNS such that say a web server instance I run in the project has a custom domain name using my personal domain name and I add the GCP name servers to my DNS registra 

However, this is asking if I can switch from my current free tier ‘billing’ account GCP to an ‘Organisation’ type account where I use my personal domain name for the Organisation name in the hierarchy?

Does that make sense or am I thinking about this incorrectly?

1 Answers

me again 🙂

I think I’ve worked it out – in IAM & Admin > Identity & Organisation I followed the guidance to setup an Organisation using my domain name by being redirected to the Google Cloud Identity service and creating a new account.  Now I need to see what has happened to my old simple Billing Account only instance I was using for my GCP learning – I’m assuming my projects will be migrated across to the new Organisation I have created but that’s all happening now!  🙂

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